Derek Flowers, the Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at Wells Fargo, is a seasoned leader known for his expertise in risk management and strategic execution. With a career spanning several key roles within the company, Flowers has made significant contributions to Wells Fargo's success. Based in Charlotte, he is an esteemed member of the Wells Fargo Operating Committee, overseeing risk program governance.

Flowers' professional career has been characterized by a number of pivotal roles that have shaped his in-depth understanding of both financial and non-financial risks. He has been instrumental in driving transformation and operational excellence across all business units, aligning them with regulatory priorities. In his previous role as Chief Credit and Market Risk Officer, Flowers played a crucial role in identifying and monitoring credit, counterparty, and market risks, demonstrating his keen analytical skills and strategic acumen.

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In his current position, Flowers heads a diverse team of Chief Risk Officers, each responsible for managing risks within their respective business units. This strategic approach ensures a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the risks associated with different facets of Wells Fargo's operations. Additionally, the independent corporate risk function, under his purview, manages compliance risk, further bolstering the bank's robust risk management framework.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Flowers has a deep-seated passion for mentoring young minds and nurturing future leaders. He is actively involved with the Sanger Leadership Center, a testament to his commitment to educational empowerment. Drawing from his own experiences at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he earned his MBA, Flowers understands the pivotal role education plays in shaping successful careers.

Flowers' involvement on the Sanger board exemplifies his dedication to providing current students with opportunities to engage with industry leaders and gain insights into real-world business challenges. He recognizes the importance of tailoring education to meet the demands of today's dynamic business landscape.

Furthermore, Jeff Domagala, Managing Director of the Sanger Leadership Center, expresses excitement over Flowers' addition to the board. His wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in risk management will undoubtedly be invaluable in shaping the Center's initiatives. Flowers joins a distinguished group of executives, collectively supporting the Center's mission through strategic guidance, financial backing, and industry connections.

Flowers' impact on both Wells Fargo and the educational community is a testament to his dynamic leadership and enduring legacy.