George W. Bush, a successful oil businessman, former Congressman, former Governor, and the 43rd President of the United States of America, was born on July 6th, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the eldest son of George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush.  After attending elementary school in Texas, he was enrolled in the Philips Academy of Massachusetts. There, he headed up the cheerleading squad and played baseball. In 1964, George made his way to Yale University, the alma mater of his father.

At Yale, Bush worked towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. He became the president of his fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, just like his father before him. Bush also became a member of The Skull and Bones, a notorious secret society with other notable alumni, including President William Howard Taft and George’s father, George H. W. Bush. Clearly, Yale has a history of producing leaders.

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Despite eventually attaining massive success in the oil business, a seat in the House of Representatives, the governor’s position in Texas, and the highest office in the nation, Bush had a comparatively unimpressive experience as a student as Yale. He relished athletics, but never actually achieved much in that realm. His grades, too, were only acceptable - and certainly not stellar. Instead, what Yale truly gave Bush was the means to expand the so-called Bush Dynasty. With this new knowledge, and through the connections Bush expertly formed at Yale, he helped his father’s campaigns before eventually beginning his own political career. Such a unique journey at Yale surely taught Bush to acquire a “work hard, work smart” mentality.

Bush never forgot his time at Yale.  His family continues to contribute in many ways to Yale, both financially and with guidance and advice. In 2001, Bush gave a commencement speech to Yale students, telling them “I do think that I'm a better man because of Yale. All universities, at their best, teach that degrees and honors are far from the full measure of life.” Even without a perfect GPA or sports fame, George Bush confirms that Yale made him who he is.

George W. Bush is undoubtedly a world leader that history will remember. Through his skilled approach to managing international politics and world economy, he has rightly earned his spot as a great man and leader. The core values of Yale University have facilitated the journey of many other acclaimed professionals and leaders; and with the vision and advice of Bush and his family, Yale is sure to create more leading personalities.